Mike is hard working, skilled in BPM and excellent with clients. We worked together on a large BPM project and he was a true asset during every phase of the project from requirements gathering through implementation and UAT. As Project Lead, Mike ensured that the team was on time and delivered the functionality that the client needed. If you are in need of a BPM Project Manager that will be a driving force behind a successful implementation, I would highly recommend Mike James
I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on 4 different projects and cannot recommend him enough. He is a tireless worker who assimilates to new projects/environments quickly. Mike has great leadership abilities, responds to clients well, and always has time to mentor others on his team
Mike is a talented BPM consultant and project manager. Managing a project for a Fortune 500 client with high visibility and higher pressure to succeed, Mike led the team deliver a quality BPM application on-time and on-budget. The success of the project is a testament to Mike’s skill as a project manager and a leader. Mike’s management style created an environment of trust within the project team. Individual mistakes were owned by the team; time was not wasted finger-pointing, but was instead was spent collectively focusing on the best course forward. The team chemistry fostered by Mike’s leadership, despite many late nights and ambitious customer deadlines, was a major factor in the project’s success. Mike is a gifted consultant, project manager, and leader; he will be an asset to any organization that is fortunate enough to have him.
Mike executes with excellence. He works in a meticulous and thoughtful manner, holding himself and others accountable for flawless delivery of requirements. His calm and factual communication style is appreciated and easy to understand by all. Mike works easily in a matrix organization by concentrating on the end goal. When challenges arise, Mike is able to quickly assess the situation, evaluate the pros and cons of each solution option, make the right decisions and then drive that issue to a satisfactory resolution. Overall, Mike’s clients appreciate his honest and patient nature
I have only good things to say about Mike. I had the fortune to work him as part of different groups and across disciplines: process improvement and change management. Mike is one the most centered and balanced individuals I have met. I saw him managing very important projects with senior executives, always showing up genuine and resourceful. Mike offered a unique blend of skills and experience that positioned him very strategically in the projects I saw him execute. Always ready to help and a very trusted professional. This goes without saying, but I recommend him 100% and I am sure he’s headed to do more wonderful things!
It was such a pleasure working with Mike on the Strategic Business Optimization team. Clear, concise and cordial are the adjectives that spring to mind. He’s able to take complicated, messy problems and establish a clear path of action to a simple solution. Where other people would take 5 minutes to make a point, Mike can get the point across in just a sentence. And he is invariably calm, gracious and friendly. Those qualities, in tandem with a broad process management and change management skill set, will be an asset to any team
Mike is a gifted leader and consultant. Because he has so much experience as both a project lead and developer, he knows a variety of technical skills and management methods to ensure your project is delivered on time and at the highest quality. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable when you need to approach him for anything. He is always encouraging and positive. He is the one of the best consultants we have. If you want to improve your team quickly, hire Mike
I would highly recommend Mike as an Appian BPM developer. In my role as a Senior Business/Technical Analyst, I have worked with him on developing two different applications on the Appian platform. From the time the functional requirements were presented to Mike and throughout the entire development process, he was very much a partner in the project. Many times he questioned the business process behind the requirements and presented alternatives and efficiencies. Mike was very patient and flexible as we made several modifications to the requirements throughout the design and build process.

The end result was a highly successful BPM solution that automates several processes that were globally disparate and highly manual, resulting in gained efficiencies and better overall controls around our processes. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Mike on future projects.